My 2nd favourite Carribean Restaurant!

You have probably passed this restaurant a number of times but DON’T…drive slow but safely because it is located at 3426 W. Washington Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90018. (busy street!)

The restaurant is called the Natraliart Food Restaurant. I ordered Curry Goat. This dish came with small pieces of fresh goat meat marinated in a special blend of Jamaican curry, herbs & spices with a side of rice & beans and my favourite plantains.  The drink was made fresh and it was a Beet Root & Carrot drink. This drink included fresh beets & carrot juice w/ a touch of lemon juice & honey. I was full and very satisfied. The owner of the restaurant has a warm visit!


It has been a minute!

This has to be one of my favourite Jamaican restaurants in L.A. called Ackee Bamboo Jamaican Cuisine located 4305 Degnan Blvd #100. Los Angeles, CA 90008.

I ordered the Vegetarian Plate w/ Callaloo (Greens) $9.95

Served with Rice & Peas, steamed vegetables, callaloo (greens), plantain & festival bread. As you can see, I had this dish with a fresh coconut.

Delicious I might say 🙂

Marinated a Whole Chicken along with a Dry Rub

This was my first time doing a dry rub with a whole chicken. It was definitely a great experience with my mother.

Add the seasonings that you have a taste for. Before you marinate and do the dry rub make sure the whole chicken has reached room temperature. It is important to let the dry rub settle into the chicken for as long as you can so the flavor can come through the skin, when you begin the baking process, aiming for a crispy outside!

As you can see, I have added red potatoes, a half of a lemon and white onion. You are more than free to add other vegetables to bring out more flavor in your chicken. Explore your pantry and enjoy the journey!

Stuff I Eat! – Inglewood, CA – (SBOB)

This restaurant is located in a small shopping plaza on Market Street (S. La Brea). If you are a Vegan, this is one of many spots to visit when coming to Cali and if you enjoy soul food then stop on by…don’t think twice.  The menu includes, sandwiches, burritos, quesadillas, wild rice, tacos, tofu, salads, smoothies and can’t forgot to mention desserts… raw pies…YUM! Plus they even have take-out 😉 Today I ordered, the Lunch Burrito which came with a side salad and tortilla chips and for a drink I had the Tropical Blend Smoothie – delicious, fresh and the consistency was decent. The size portion of the Lunch Burrito was moderate and I was definitely full. A plus for me was the contemporary, earthy vibe of this restaurant’s ambience and the owner’s interaction with the customers. I will return to this restaurant but I must continue my search for SBOB!

Urth Caffe!!!

This restaurant is located all over: West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Downtown LA and Pasadena.

It was my first time eating at this restaurant. I must say I was a happy customer. I wanted to start off simple, so I ordered the Urth cafe salad which you can order either half or full. I even order a Veggie Juice which include blended beets, ginger and carrots. It was quite refreshing…I should have ordered another one. I would definitely check out Urth Caffe if you love fresh, delectable, simple meals!! I’m going back!!