Urth Caffe!!!

This restaurant is located all over: West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Downtown LA and Pasadena.

It was my first time eating at this restaurant. I must say I was a happy customer. I wanted to start off simple, so I ordered the Urth cafe salad which you can order either half or full. I even order a Veggie Juice which include blended beets, ginger and carrots. It was quite refreshing…I should have ordered another one. I would definitely check out Urth Caffe if you love fresh, delectable, simple meals!! I’m going back!!


If you love Waffles come to Pasadena, Ca and check out Waffles De Leige!

This waffle was delicious! The waffle is prepared right in front of your eyes. The dough is not frozen and they have created their own whipped cream. This one is called the Speculoos Special topped with slices of banana, pecans and toffee ice cream. Heaven I must say.

Scottish Food….Haggis. Got out and try something different. You will never know.

This is broiled chicken stuffed with haggis on a bed of baked potatoes, roasted carrots, lettuce and a light cream sauce. I will admit haggis is my favorite Scottish delicacy.


German Food..Blueberry flavoured

This photo was taken at a market in Frankfurt, Germany. It was subtle in sweetness.


It has been a WHILE…I was in Scotland then to Germany. But Im Back with more food.

This a dish in Scotland. it is a delicious bowl of seafood, tomato base. Don’t know the secret behind the broth but I wanted another bowl.


Korean Duck Lettuce Wraps!!

A delectable lunch at a restaurant called Seasons 52 Fresh and Grill located at Westfield Century City Plaza. The restaurant highlights American, Seafood and Vegetarian cuisine and all incorporates a menu of fresh ingredients, along with great service within a relaxed open space. Started off with a chicken skewer topped with a glazed apple for an appetizer followed by a trio of delectable Korean Duck Lettuce Wraps and ended with a mini glass of subtle creamy desserts.


A Plate of Zesty Lemon Almond Cookies!

Topped with shredded coconut!